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About Shack Monkey

What is Shack Monkey and what do we do as a company?

Here at Shack Monkey, we're all about you finding a great holiday and making memories to last a lifetime. What if you could have that and help kids in Central and South America? Wouldn't that be the icing on the cake? You see, when you win by booking a cool holiday on Shack Monkey, the kids of Central and South America win too, because we donate % of your booking to providing much needed supplies to schools. Learning shouldn't be a struggle, and it should be fun. Rest easy on your vacation knowing that you've given a little something back to the place you are going.

Do the Shack Monkey Pose

What is the "Shack Monkey Pose"? Simply put, it's a photo of you, wherever your holiday is happening! There are so many amazing, breathtaking photo opportunities on this planet, and we want you to show yours to fellow Shack Monkey travelers. So when you're out and about and see something you think everybody should see, stand in front of it with your back to the camera, open those arms wide open, and get someone to click that camera! We want other Shack Monkey travelers to see where you are and to imagine themselves there! Show them what they're missing and maybe they'll be on the next plane to stand where you were! It's the one small thing we ask if you would like to submit an article to our writers guild, and no matter how great of a writer you are, a picture is worth a thousand words!

The Shack Monkey Writers Guild

Welcome to Shack Monkeys Writers Guild, where you can share your holiday memories with fellow Shack Monkey travelers! We just love hearing about cool places and experiences, and know other travelers do too. It inspires people to go out and make memories of their own! Here at Shack Monkey, we'd go bananas if you submitted an article about your holiday, along with a photo of yourself doing the Shack Monkey Pose. In return, we'll post your article in our writers guild and just like that you're a published travel writer! Send us 500 words or less about an amazing place, fantastic restaurant, or great excursion you experienced, along with a photo of yourself doing the Shack Monkey pose and share your little discovery with the world!